Springfield Primary School

Springfield Primary School

Achieving Over The Years


Springfield Primary School Playgroup is situated in a ground floor classroom in Springfield Primary School. Springfield Playgroup has been in operation since 2004 and both the morning and afternoon sessions are organised to provide a variety of play opportunities to enable children to learn through play. The Playgroup consists of a large, bright playroom which has resources covering the curriculum and progression throughout the year.  There is a quiet area for story and song time.  We have access to all the facilities in the school and the use of the outdoor playground which has a wide range of suitable outdoor equipment.


Aims of the Playgroup

We aim to provide an environment which is inclusive regardless of age, which encourages development through a range of age appropriate activities, helping children to grow in confidence and to build self esteem. We aim to work in partnership with parents recognising that you are the first educators of your child. We aim to provide the highest standard of childcare where each individual child achieves the greatest level of personal development that he/she is capable of.  We create a caring, safe and stimulating environment where each child will develop physically, mentally, emotionally and socially. This, together with the many skills they will acquire during their time in pre-school will mean that the transition to school will be as effortless as possible. They will also have a familiar and varied routine, enabling them to cope more readily with the school day. This will be achieved through quality experiences in an attractive environment by qualified and committed staff.


We have a monthly theme based curriculum which is based on the six areas of learning from the Curriculum Guidance for Pre-School Education which are:

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

Language Development

Mathematical Experiences

The World Around Us

Physical Development

Arts and Design


Special Needs

We welcome children into our setting regardless of special need, religion or class. We will work with parents, carers and outside agencies to meet the needs of each child.


Admissions Criteria

We allocate places under the following criteria:

1) Children from socially disadvantaged circumstances who are in their immediate preschool year.

2) Other children in their immediate pre-school year.

3) Children who attended this playgroup the previous year.

4) Children who have had brothers or sisters at this playgroup

5) Children on the waiting list in order of chronological age.

6) Children in alphabetical order by their surname as listed in the Belfast phone book.


Here is a slideshow of photos from Springfield Playgroup: