425 Springfield Road, Belfast

028 90320366


Springfield Primary School and Playgroup

School Visions


1) To deliver the common curriculum as laid down in the Education Reform Order for Northern Ireland

 2) To treat children as individuals and to encourage special interests, talents and ability

 3) To help children to acquire knowledge and understanding of the world in which they live

 4) To enable each child to acquire a reasoned set of attitudes, values and beliefs synonymous with good citizenship and to become a contributing  member of society

 5) To give opportunities for children to enjoy their school life and establish a sense of security

 6) To develop self respect, independence and self-confidence tempered with respect for others



School Rules


Truth: Be honest, open and sincere

Respect: Be Fair and tolerant, looking after your world and others

Empathy: Learn to walk in other people’s shoes

Kindness: Be helpful and caring 

Safety: Watch out for dangers and keep each other safe