Springfield Primary School

Springfield Primary School

Achieving Over The Years

Games Club

Dungeons & Dragons


This club meets each Wednesday during lunchtime to play Dungeons and Dragons Adventure Begins with Mr. Osborne (The Dungeon Master). A team of four P6/P7 children take on the roles of different heroes and play this co-operative board game set in the world of Dungeons & Dragons.  


The brave heroes defeat monsters, collect treasure have fun by exploring new dungeons during each gaming session! 



Alex has a go at Dungeon Master!

It's Time for P7! The Adventure Begins!


Pokemon Go Club 


This club meets on a Wednesday to play Pokemon Go with Naomi from MUMO and Mr. Osborne. A walking route close to the school and part of The Springfield Dam is used to explore and collect a variety of Pokemon.


The aim of The Pokemon Go Club is to encourage social skills, UICT, have fun as well as the wellbeing feeling from being outside.


Pokemon beware!