Springfield Primary School

Springfield Primary School

Achieving Over The Years

Games Club

Dungeons & Dragons


This club meets each Wednesday during lunchtime to play Dungeons and Dragons Adventure Begins with Mr. Osborne (The Dungeon Master). A team of four P6/P7 children take on the roles of different heroes and play this co-operative board game set in the world of Dungeons & Dragons.  


The brave heroes defeat monsters, collect treasure have fun by exploring new dungeons during each gaming session! 



It's Time for P7! The Adventure Begins!


Pokemon Go Club 


This club meets on a Wednesday to play Pokemon Go with Naomi from MUMO and Mr. Osborne. A walking route close to the school and part of The Springfield Dam is used to explore and collect a variety of Pokemon.


The aim of The Pokemon Go Club is to encourage social skills, UICT, have fun as well as the wellbeing feeling from being outside.


Pokemon beware!