Our School Aims and Values

Springfield Primary School has always managed to retain a special family atmosphere, which has brought parents and teachers more closely together in the education of the pupils.


Against this background are set the following general aims of the school: -


1) To deliver the common curriculum as laid down in the Education Reform Order for Northern Ireland;


2) To treat children as individuals and to encourage special interests, talents and ability;


3) To help children to acquire knowledge and understanding of the world in which they live;


4) To enable each child to acquire a reasoned set of attitudes, values and beliefs synonymous with good citizenship and to become a contributing  member of society;


5) To give opportunities for children to enjoy their school life and establish a sense of security;


6) To develop self respect, independence and self-confidence tempered with respect for others.

Our School Rules


Truth- Be honest, open and sincere

Respect- Be Fair and tolerant, looking after your world and others

Empathy- Learn to walk in other people’s shoes

Kindness- Be helpful and caring 

Safety- Watch out for dangers and keep each other safe