Welcome to Springfield Primary School

Springfield Primary School was established in 1910 and retains a central place in the community of North-West Belfast. The strong family ethos which permeates the school has been nurtured through good relationships at all levels and enhanced by loyal and committed families some of whom are third and fourth generation pupils.


The abiding aim of the school is reflected in its motto - “Achieving over the Years”.


The building is of traditional red-brick design comprising some architectural features typical of that of “old Belfast”.  It is of excellent condition and has been carefully preserved over the years.  It has eight rooms; one is used for each of the primaries 1-7 and the one is used for the playgroup.  The inside of the building is bright and attractive with many displays of the children’s work.  Plans for an extension to the building are underway as a result of the growing numbers of pupils enrolling in the school. 


The playgroup has 2 sessions. The morning session is for children in their pre-school year  and the afternoon session is for children who are of 2 years and 10 months and older. We can take 16 children in each session. Most of the children from the playgroup enroll in the school.


The school is committed to providing opportunities to develop the talents and abilities of all the children in a positive, challenging and caring learning environment. High standards of work and presentation are emphasized at all levels.  Underpinning our teaching methods is the belief that learning should be “fun” and that children should enjoy school. 


The broad and balanced curriculum is designed to meet the needs and interests of the pupils.  Extra-curricular activities include craft, cookery, literacy/numeracy, sports and the Glee Club.


The school has well-established links with the local primary and post primary schools, the local churches, leisure centre, shops and community organizations.  Parents are encouraged to take an active interest in their children’s progress by attending regular information sessions, overseeing homework and supporting our healthy eating and school uniform policies.


Admissions September 2014              29
Current Enrolment                             158
Admissions Number                           200


  Mrs Haugh