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Belfast Speech Festival 2015 

This year chilren from P3 to P6 took part in the Belfast Speech Festival. We re very proud of all the childre who took part and they all worked hard and performed extremely well at the festival.



Abbie Harrison, Ashleah Cowan, Cassie Pollock, Chloe Crossett, Leah McCorkindale, Star McLean and Sydnie McMullan are the children who took part from P3.  Their poem was called 'Girls Can Too.'  The P3 class did very well with Ashleah Cowan taking 1st place, Cassie Pollock 2nd Place, Leah McCorkindale was highly commended and Star McLean was commended.


Abi Vint, Faith Richmond, Georgia McKee, Megann Howells and Lauren Picking were representing P4.  The girls' all performed their poem 'Alley Cat School'and did really well.  Lauren Picking was awarded 2nd place and Abi Vint, Megann Howells and Georgia McKee were highly commended.


Aimee Courtney represented P5 by receiting her poem 'Mothers' Day'.  Well done to Aimee for being our only P5 representative!


 We had quite a few competitors from P6 and all did very well.  The P6 girls receited the poem 'Mother Doesn't Want a Dog.'  Abigail Ritchie, Sophie McCurdy, Eve Redfern-Croft, Beth Vint, Jessica McCaw, Grace Uprichard, Katie Cahoon, Maddie Cunningham and Elli Dickson all took part.  Eve was awarded 2nd place, Katie 3rd place and Sophie and Jessica were highly commended.

Ross McIntyre was doing it for the P6 boys!  His poem was called 'The Spangled Pandemonium' and Ross was awarded highly commended for his efforts.  Well done Ross!


Katie Young, Sacha McAuley and Raphael Prieto represented P7.  Sacha and Katie's poem was called 'Mother Doesn't Want a Dog' while Raphael receited 'The Spangled Pandemonium'.  Well done to Raphael who was awarded 2nd place.


Primary Six Choral Speaking

Well done to Primary Six who were awarded thrid place in their Choral Speaking Competition!