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Our School is an Eco School!

We have been learning how to become more eco friendly in our school. We have an Eco Committee and they along with Mrs Andrews have devised an action plan to help our school become even more eco friendly and in turn help the environment.


Gardening with Mrs McDonnell

 Primary 5 have been gardening with Mrs McDonnell for the last number of weeks.  They have planted baskets, created a bug hotel and introduced a compost bin.  They are really enjoying their time with Mrs McDonnell!

Want to know more?  

Here’s Mrs McDonnell’s LinkedIn Bio...

‘Since completing my Horticulture diploma and Certificate in Education and Training I've decided to refocus my garden maintenance business to providing gardening education for children in nursery and primary schools. Gardening has many important benefits to its participants for example; psychological (relaxed, happy), social (communication, teawork, empathy), physical(minor motor skills, strength) and cognitive (thinking, memory). These sessions also provide children with an understanding of how plants grow and why they are so important. I use both theoretical and practical methods in my sessions to allow children with all learning preferences to benefit. These sessions are run throughout the academic year during class time and can be adapted to suit the age and understanding of all children. I believe that it is important that all children be given the chance to learn these important skills not simply those who do, or can attend an after school club.’


Compost Bins!

As a school we are planning to apply for ECO Status over the incoming months.  To do this, we have added compost bins to our school grounds to help with disposal of waste food.  This will provide compost for planting in 6-9 months.

We can't wait to get using our compost!


Numeracy with MUMO!

Mrs McDonald and the Numeracy Coordinator from St Clare’s are currently involved in a project with parents from both schools to help improve numeracy results.  

We look forward to hearing how they get on...

If you want to know more or want to attend, please speak to Mrs McDonald.   


Accelerated Reader Parent Workshop

In early October Miss McAvoy held a parent workshop to help introduce AR as effectively as possible. The workshop was attended by approximately 70 parents and was crucial in providing valuable insight for them in how to use AR at home.


Free School Meals

A number of parents still need to return their Free School Meal forms to ensure that their child gets their free dinner.  If you haven't done so, please return this ASAP.

If your child is entitled to FSM please encourage them to avail of this as much as possible.  Below are some photos of the wonderful job which our Canteen Staff do. 


School Changes

 In June 2017 we had the difficult task of saying goodbye to Mrs Haugh, our Principal of 18 years.  Mrs Haugh was instrumental in making our school what it is today and had a clear love and passion for the children, families, staff and community.  We really wish her well in her new post as she puts up her feet and lifts her knitting needles!!

As a school we want to 'Welcome' our new Principal to our school. 

Mr Osborne taught at Springfield for 9 years and we are delighted that he was appointed to the position of Principal.  As a school, we are confident that he will do a fantastic job to build, challenge and sustain what has gone before!